Helping hands

On 5 and 6 October, the Gravel World Championships will take place starting in Halle and finishing in Leuven. All riders will cross the Forests of Brabant from west to east. An unforgettable gravel high day for young and old, supporters and riders all aiming for that ultimate goal: the rainbow jersey.

For that purpose, the organisers are still looking for large groups of volunteers to get behind this event (min. 15 years and 1st and 2nd high school completed). Volunteering roles:


Signallers / Parking Stewards

  • As a signaller, you are an indispensable link in the World Gravel Championships. For one or several days, you will ensure the safety of the races. Thanks to you, the riders can compete for the world title unhindered.
  • The steward team is deployed in various areas of the World Gravel Championships. You ensure that everything runs smoothly at the various car parks and ensure a safe flow of visitors.

Atmosphere Management (Crowd Management)

  • A fantastic atmosphere creates an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators. As a volunteer in atmosphere management, you will help guide the crowd, answer questions, and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Your enthusiasm contributes to the positive experience of the event.

Eco/Green team

  • With the course running right through the beautiful Forests of Brabant, sustainability is an important pillar of the World Gravel Championships. For example, we strive to produce as little waste as possible. As part of the eco team, you are jointly responsible for squeaky clean event locations.

Construction and dismantling of the event

  • As part of this team, you will help shape the various event locations. In return, you will get unique insights behind the scenes of the Gravel World Championships.

Feeding Zones

  • During the races, our feeding zones ensure that the riders can perform at their best. As a volunteer in the feeding zones, you will be responsible for the timely distribution of drinks and snacks to the participants, as well as maintaining control over this zone. Your help is crucial in giving the riders the energy they need for their challenging ride.

Compensation will be provided depending on hours worked.

If you are interested in contributing to these wonderful Gravel World Championships with your club,

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